War Stories (Continued)

Highlights From Our Case Files

1998 - Hansen Investigations was hired to investigate a prostitution ring at a major Seattle area hotel. Male and female undercover operatives successfully infiltrated the ring, which involved mid-level management personnel.

1999 - The pastor of a local church mysteriously staged his own disappearance. The initial investigation revealed he had  planned  for at least a year to go 'underground' and live on a cash basis.  Hansen Investigations agents located the man living in hiding with an altered appearance within four days.

2000 - Alaska Airlines Flight 261, en route from Puerto Vallarta to Seattle, crashed into the Pacific Ocean, killing all aboard.  A Florida law firm emerged , alleging to represent two Guatemalan  children as the illegitimate children  of two men aboard the plane. John Hansen was appointed by the King County Superior Court to investigate the case and traveled to the jungle villages of Guatemala to  expose the 'birth records'  and the attorneys themselves as key elements of an elaborate  fraud scheme.

2001 - A single mother of a runaway teenage girl turned to Hansen Investigations to locate her daughter, who had been living for months on the streets.  The girl had been sighted several times by neighbors but had disappeared before the police could respond. Hansen Investigators accomplished what law enforcement would or could not not. Within 24 hours, a team of investigators found the missing girl on the streets of Seattle in the company of known felons. They separated her from her companions, effected a citizen's arrest and held her until the police arrived and placed her in juvenile detention. Over time she successfully was reunited with her mother.

2004 - A series of residential burglaries that led to identity theft plagued certain Seattle area neighborhoods for months. One victim family turned to Hansen Investigations for help. Working with law enforcement, Hansen investigators helped to identify and locate the suspects in a large, sophisticated burglary ring and at least a partial recovery of stolen property.

2005 - Hansen Investigations provided investigative services and personal protection for the founder of the Minuteman Project, a volunteer civilian operation on the volatile Arizona border with Mexico.

2007 - An act of industrial sabotage happened at a major foundry in Seattle that had 250 full time employees, at a time when the company was about to be sold. The damage was severe and costly to the company. Within twenty days John Hansen had identified the suspect, a disgruntled employee, and the prosecutor's office accepted charges filed. The employee confessed to stealing material from the company for years and made restitution.

War Stories

1997 - A company in the automotive industry with multiple locations was plagued by armed robberies on the same night by the same two robbers each week at a different location, thus involving different police jurisdictions. Cash losses were mounting and employees were quitting in fear. For four months, Hansen Investigations placed armed agents at store locations at closing, and spent the rest of the week investigating the robberies until the suspects were successfully identified and the robberies stopped.

Private Investigations Since 1992

1996 - In a hotly contested child custody case, undercover agents from Hansen Investigations, while wearing a body wire installed by police narcotics agents, obtained incriminating statements from the child's mother that she could arrange a drug transaction. Immediately thereafter, she was video taped by Hansen surveillance teams receiving and using narcotics in the parking lot with a known drug dealer. The client prevailed in the custody case.