1996 - An employee of a major utility provider nearly died on the job. Tests conducted on his stomach contents and the tea in his thermos revealed a deadly poison had been put in his thermos. John's investigation identified the correct suspect, another employee who wanted the victim's position in the company. The suspect confessed and was dismissed, but continued to stalk and harass other employees who helped John solve the case. The suspect was charged and jailed.  

1995 - When a custom clothing store for men on Long Island reported its third burglary in a year, in which inventory was stolen, the insurance company flew John Hansen out to New York to investigate. Within a week, John developed irrefutable evidence that the reported break-ins were false, the claim was denied, and referred to the prosecuting attorney.

1995 - The security officer aboard another cruise ship nearly died when he was assaulted by knife-wielding crew members when he caught them using drugs. John was flown to the ship's location weeks after the event. Using the interrogation techniques he was trained with as a police detective, John was able to identify the five men who were responsible for the attack.

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1992 - An accountant working for a major new car dealership near Seattle discovered a pattern of cash shortages from the business that had been going on undetected for over five years. The missing money amounted to over half a million dollars. John Hansen cracked the case in a day when he confronted the primary suspect, a senior employee, who confessed to devising and implementing a system of cash skimming that significantly enriched the suspect's lifestyle. The suspect went to prison after pleading guilty to First Degree Theft.

1993 - When a new Jeep suspiciously turned up stripped of parts in another city right after its owner reported it stolen,, the insurer needed an investigator to  look into the circumstances. It took nearly three months of dogged determination and knocking on doors, but eventually John Hansen recovered the rest of the Jeep and obtained written confessions from the two suspects the insured had hired to steal the Jeep for him.

1993 - an emissions control firm with multiple locations called upon John Hansen to solve a case of misappropriated funds at one of its Seattle area locations. Using the interrogation techniques he was trained to use as a police detective, John successfully cracked a ring of three employees, who were arrested off the job after giving written confessions.

1993 - A vending machine company that placed its candy and nut vending machines in hundreds of retail outlets was losing cash fast. Someone was coming in a day ahead of their agent and cleaning out the coins. This case was the first time John used a female undercover agent to infiltrate the ring once he had identified who the suspects were. Charges were filed and arrests made on three men.

1994 - In a child custody case, a family from rural Washington came to John regarding reports that their four-year old granddaughter was witnessing satanic rituals during the child's visits to the father, who was living with his parents. After researching the occult calendar of events, John hid in the snow with a video camera on a certain date, and was able to video record the paternal grandfather dressed in red robe and hood, engaged in satanic ritual.

1995 - An international cruise ship company was experiencing thefts from its passengers' cabins. The complaints were growing in number and threatening the company. John Hansen and another agent went aboard, posing as tourists out for a Caribbean cruise, but secretly they were armed with hidden video gear. The investigation resulted in the four suspects being properly identified and dismissed.