A Few Words From Our Clients...

"Our office has very successfully used Hansen Investigation Agency services to locate former patients and to check out potential associates. In one particular case, the investigation revealed deliberate misrepresentation that would have been an extremely costly mistake had we proceeded as initially planned."

Dr. Sean Miglore, Valley Spinal Clinic, Phoenix, AZ

Private Investigations Since 1992

"We have twice called on the Hansen Investigation Agency to resolve issues of employee misconduct that were costly to our company. On both occasions their work was not only successful, but was conducted with integrity, efficiency and within budget."

Ron Altier, Jorgensen Forge Corporation, Seattle, WA.

"John Hansen has helped us crack insurance fraud cases. He's effective, efficient, and sensitive to good faith restraints. Highly recommended!"

William P. Hight, Esq., Seattle


"We turned to John Hansen to help us find people for process service that we had given up on. Within days Hansen investigators had succeeded where no one else had."

Robin Zambrowski, City of Bellevue, Code Enforcement.

"Our company had the need for a private investigation of an employee who reportedly was unable to return to work after reporting a workplace injury. John's investigation of this person confirmed that he was working under the table for another employer while receiving disability payments. The final result was a finding by the Department of Labor and Industries,  that held us only partially liable for his reported injury and reduced our claim by a significant amount."

John Hunter, Special Projects Manager, Janicki Industries Inc.

"The Hansen Investigation Agency's thoroughness and attention to detail in pre-employment screening  immediately paid off with the first applicants we sent them to investigate. They discovered undisclosed information and verified claims that enabled us to make the right business decisions."

Eric Brommer, CEO
Aidant Fire Protection Company
Scottsdale, AZ

"As a single woman living alone in a crime prone neighborhood, I needed protection from harassment by certain locals. On only a moment's notice, John R. Hansen's investigators responded several times to provide me and my property with round-the-clock protection, serve subpoenas and testify in court." 

Nancy McLaren, Seattle