Private Investigations Since 1992

Private Citizens

Missing, Hard-to-Find or Needed People: Since our beginnings in 1992, we have built an enviable track record of almost 100% success rate in locating people that are critical to find for court or family matters. As the case histories described in War Stories prove, these include runaway teenagers, locating next-of-kin for the dying, missing heirs,  witnesses needed for court testimony,and more.

Child Custody Issues. We have experience exposing deadbeat parents who are hiding income or assets to avoid child support, and parents involved in lifestyles unfit for their children.

Busting Scam or Ripoff Artists. Because of our previous law enforcement history, we work well with police and prosecutors because we know what they require.

Asset Recovery. Sometimes people we trust go rogue on us when we least expect it. Whether the person is a spouse,  relative, friend or business associate, we have the tools and the legal know-how to help right wrongs.

Due Diligence. When the stakes are high, we can help assess the risk before the final decision is made. .

Stalking, Harassment and Threats. We have successfully  investigated such matters to successful conclusions.