After a four-year hitch in the U.S. Navy that involved two tours of duty in Southeast Asia, John Hansen served ten and a half years as a uniformed policeman, and ten and a half years as a detective with the Bellevue Police Department in Washington State. During his detective career, John investigated crimes against persons: assaults, rape cases, homicides, armed robberies, sexual assaults, arson and kidnapping. He cracked many cases with the interrogation techniques he learned from the interview and interrogation schools he attended. He developed a strong reputation for bulldog tenacity with prosecutors, defense attorneys and judges that he carried over into the field of private investigation after twenty-one years of police service.

John retired from police service to build a private investigation practice at the end of 1991. Cases began pouring in as soon as John set up shop, and his experience and knowledge broadened into new areas such as white collar crime, employee misconduct, insurance fraud, embezzlement, civil litigation, risk and threat assessment, locating assets, finding missing persons, and armed protection. In the private sector John's cases have taken him several times to the Caribbean, New York City, Russia and Northern Europe, Mexico and Guatemala, and Alaska. Today, Hansen Investigation Agency is licensed in both Washington State and Arizona, and his staff, like himself, are mostly former law enforcement personnel.

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