Protecting And Helping The Medical Profession

We Have Extensive Experience Locating Next-Of-Kin

Hospitals and clinics face almost insurmountable challenges to their existence today. As we move further into the 21st Century, new problems keep surfacing to plague the healthcare industry. Since 1992 we have built an almost 100% track record in locating difficult to find people. We have over twenty years' experience successfully locating next-of-kin for sick and dying patients. Because of our years of combined law enforcement experience within the Agency, we are experienced and qualified to tackle problems caused by unqualified personnel, employee drug and theft rings, threats from unstable patients, and lawsuits are just a few of the issues that healthcare professionals face every day. We have a strong track record of helping hospitals, clinics, and companies that provide in-home caregivers to avoid and defend against these challenges.

Due Diligence Investigations
  • Humanitarian Locates of Next-of-Kin For The Dying
  • Verification of Questionable Patient Information
  • Identification of Complaints/ Disciplinary Actions
  • Medical and Financial Misconduct Histories Uncovered
  • Uncovering Litigation History
Specialized Security Details

Sometimes physicians are threatened or even attacked by a bitter family member of a patient that could not be saved. With our law enforcement experienced staff, we have experience providing peace of mind security for imperiled healthcare professionals and their families, as well as working well with local law enforcement.

  • Armed Protection of At-Risk Employees - our personnel have prior law enforcement experience.
  • Monitoring of Persons Threatening Healthcare Personnel - this proactive approach can save lives by notifying authorities that an attack is imminent it happens.
Litigation Defense
  • Thorough Research and Field Investigations
  • Witness/Plaintiff Credibility Investigations
  • Notarized Witness Statements When Appropriate
  • Proper Handling Of Evidence And Certified Documents​

Private Investigations Since 1992